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Pre-order Your Post Workout Fuel

It’ll be ready to be picked up straight after your class. Our menu of protein shakes is specially curated by a team of nutritionists and fit the needs of all requirements including muscle mass, energy & quick recovery.

PB, Banana with Chocolate Protein




Smoothie of the Week




Opus + Coconut Water + Berries


Optimize your workout with this pre-workout to increase your strength and muscular endurance. Helps fuel your body and gets you energized.

Macros: 32 g carbs + 2 g protein - (136 calories)





Pruvit Keto




HI5 (Strawberry with Glutamine and Coconut Water


Recover from your workout with a refreshing and beneficial boost. Infused with HI5 and Glutamine, your body is able to heal and you build more muscle over time.

Macros: 17 g carbs + 2 g protein + 7.9 g BCAAs + 5 g glutamine - (76 calories)

Coffee Mocha, Banana and Chocolate Protein


Nothing better after an early morning workout than a cold brew coffee smoothie! Wake up your senses with taste of coffee, almond milk and your choice of chocolate or vanilla protein & banana.

Macros: 37 g protein + 37 g carbs + 17 g fat - (449 calories)

Strawberry, Banana with Vanilla Protein


A classic in its own right! Sweet strawberries and silky bananas enhanced with vanilla protein and nourishing almond milk.

Macros: 31 g protein + 61 g carbs (fruit) + 1 g fat - (377 calories)

Kale, Berries with Vanilla Protein


Treat yourself to an antioxidant rich wild berry mix with kale, for an extra kick of vitamins and fiber. With vanilla protein and refreshing almond milk.

Macros: 32 g protein + 37 g carbs + 17 g fat - (449 calories)