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Our signature RIDE45 RHYTHMvsPOWER 45 minutes, challenges the status quo of indoor cycling. Each RIDE is a full-body workout complete with POWER sprints & climbs, combined with RHYTHM core exercises designed to reboot and strengthen your body. The added movements will work your shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs and oblique’s, all while your lower body is continuously challenged by the tempo. RIDE is an intense cardiovascular and toning workout, strengthened by the power of music and our unique team of ATHLETES to elevate the integrity of your workout.

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In RIP45 it’s head down & gloves up for 45 minutes. A combination of traditional boxing combinations, body weight strength exercises and cardio. Expect explosive plyometrics, Muhammad Ali style footwork drills and to land that right jab feeling like a boss. It’s a 3-way battle between you, your bag and your mind.

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