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THE RIDE: 10 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Multi-Sensory Indoor RIDE Class with VORTEX

THE RIDE: 10 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Multi-Sensory Indoor RIDE Class with VORTEX

Tue May 14, 2019

It’s a 45 or 60 minute RIDE that will rock your mind, body and soul. It’s an intense cardiovascular and toning workout strengthened by the power of music and our unique team of ATHLETES to elevate the integrity of your workout.

Besides elevating gym-luxury to an entirely new level, RIDE classes certify a full-body workout designed to reboot and strengthen your core. Our signature RIDE45 and RIDE60 classes challenge the status quo of your everyday workout class.

RIDE is hailed for its low-impact but high-calorie burn that gets your heart pumping and the sweat pouring without destroying your joints. There must be something to it because hundreds are flocking to these classes and the results speak for themselves. What you should know can be broken down into a top 10 read it, know it, believe it, love it list.  Once you’ve read it, please come join us for the RIDE of your life.


1. Towels and water bottles                                                        


VORTEX is a high-end, luxury boutique fitness studio, so of course towels are provided. We also have a top-rated water filtration system so all you need is your water bottle to fill. It would be helpful to have a water bottle with a squirt top so it’s easier to drink while in motion.


2. Hydrate and eat something

Forty-five minutes to an hour on the bike might not sound like a long time and while you will be able to drink during the workout, it is especially important to hydrate before arrival. The RIDE workout at VORTEX requires colossal amounts of energy, so you should have the proper nourishment to sustain this type of cardio as close as an hour to a half hour beforehand. REFUEL can do just that. It’s in-house and smoothies can be ordered online when booking a class to make it more convenient - one stop shopping.

You can also pre-order your post workout nutrition at Refuel. It will be ready for you to pick up right after your session. Don’t forget to stop by and get the fuel you need to fit all your nutritional requirements.


3. Warm up - and - Cool down

These are both extremely beneficial. The warm-up prepares your muscles to be ready for the intense bike journey ahead. Not warming up properly could lead to pulled or strained muscles. The cooldown is especially vital in slowing your heart rate and loosening up any tense muscles you could have now. Not cooling down properly could lead to lightheadedness and fainting.


4. Arrive early

Arriving early not only allows you to get on the bike you pre-booked online and get comfortable, but you can also begin your own warm up. Early arrival should put you in “the zone” … take advantage of the time you have to yourself to ensure a great workout.


5. Ask for help setting up your bike

All VORTEX athletes want you to fully maximize your RIDE! Don’t be shy…if your handlebars are too low, it can cause back pain, so speak up. VORTEX will open the room at least 5 minutes before RIDE time. A CSR staff member will be available to show you how to clip-in and set up until after the first minute of class. They also provide the correct shoes for you to rent or purchase, or you can bring your own. Make sure to write down your bike settings to ensure each time you can find the perfect ride.


6. But wait, there’s more! There’s weights!

Yep, really. VORTEX athletes incorporate hand weights into their signature rides to ensure you get the full-body workout. These are often high rep, low weight routines – you probably do not want to select a heavy weight that will have you regretting the day you were born after only 20 seconds in. Rather, start off light and work your way up.


7. The music is pumpin and the lights will inspire you

VORTEX has incorporated the latest lighting and sound systems into the RIDE room. The music is driven by the lighting and tied into the beat. The theatrical lights help keep the mood intense and fun.

Athletes play diverse genres of music from the 80’s-90’s to today’s hits – all for the goal to help move the room. Athletes synchronize their workout with music and fast beats to help motivate you to pedal hard.


8. There are some butt rumors out there

The good news is that the butthurt should go away within a few classes because you’ll be building muscle back there – hurray! The routines of the athletes are mostly designed so that you will not be in the saddle for long and when you are, because VORTEX is a high-end gym, they’ve spared no expense in purchasing state-of-the-art bikes with comfortable seats. Your butt will be glad.  


9. Social Media can wait

Part of a workout is the psychological sensation, so don’t let your phone distract you. Post away before and after your classes. VORTEX luxury dressing room lockers offer chargeable USB plug-ins for your phones and other devices. All amenities are provided - high end shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and more. There are five showers for the women plus a 3 station blow bar. There are three showers for the men.


10. Listen to your body

Image result for body workout pain

Ultimately, your RIDE is your own. If the athlete at VORTEX calls out something you feel you can’t achieve, you are encouraged to modify things to your fitness level. Never risk injury! Pushing yourself is good! Achieving new levels is great! Having the RIDE of your life each time you show up is our goal.

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