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Lysandra Pursley

Q. Hometown? 
Boston, Massachusetts 
Q. Why Vortex?
I was first attracted to Vortex because it was a Cycle and Boxing studio. It’s unlike any other studio just for that reason alone. Then, I really fell in love with how beautiful the Cycle room is. The lights and ambience are everything I need to fuel my workout. The bikes are new and everyone from the front desk to management are involved with the clientele. You can tell from walking in that Vortex is a community studio. 
Q. What’s your class really like? 
Sweaty. I want you to lose yourself in the music and the ride that at the end of class you say “Wow, I definitely burned off that entire pizza I ate last night.” 
Q. Guilty Pleasures?
Gummy Bears and Real Housewives. Even better if I get them both at the same time. 
Q. A quote to live by?
It’s a beautiful life. I even went as far as to have it tattooed on me. 
Q. Hobbies outside Vortex?
I love a great cocktail and a Sunday farmers market. 
Q. What motivates you in the mornings? 
Coffee! It motivates me morning, afternoon, and evenings. There is never a bad time for coffee. 
Q. What song do you sing the most in the shower? 
Nelly - Hot in Herre 
Q. Music I’m loving now?
Rick Ross, Flosstradamus, Gryffin

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