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New Orleans, LA


Why Vortex:

Vortex is like no other. It's awesome to find a place where you can be of any skill level but still have an intense and fun workout. Boxing is one of the best type of workouts, and Vortex's RIP classes give people of all backgrounds an opportunity to work hard, have fun, and help them reach their fitness goals. 


What’s your class really like:

Intense, fun... and I'm going to stop there because I rather you come check it out. 


Guilty Pleasures:

Cookies. Chocolate chip, sugar, lemon meringue, and snickerdoodle cookies and Desus and Mero's "Bodega Boys" podcast.


A quote to live by:

“We got turned down, we failed, had set backs, had to start over a lot of times. But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor.” – Nipsey Hussle "The Marathon Continues"


For what in your life are you most grateful:

My podcast app to help me through the workday in the office, my family, my friends, and coffee. 


What motivates you in the mornings:

Another opportunity to accomplish my goals. Another opportunity to give. Another opportunity to compete. Another opportunity to enjoy life and the people in it. 


What song do you sing the most in the shower:

Mint Condition- Breakin' My Heart. Gives me an opportunity to practice my high notes.


Music I’m loving now:

My base has always been hip hop & r&b but I usually keep my playlist rotating which includes such genres as bounce music (because it remind me of my hometown) to other genres I'm getting into like reggaeton and afrobeat.

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Kyle does not have any upcoming sessions.

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