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Vortex is Houston’s newest luxury boutique fitness studio.

The brand ethos is simple; pure, no holds barred, un-adulterated fitness against a back drop of absolute luxury. With two workout concepts specially curated by some of the world’s leading fitness experts.

The Perfect Space

The fitness concepts are specifically designed to complement each other. We’ve designed the perfect space for you to come in and smash a workout, become part of our VORTEX community and embed yourself in the culture that is VORTEX. We have a team of hardcore Athletes to inspire and coach you to your goals.

No Judge Ments

VORTEX is a vibe like no other. We’ve scoured and sourced the best in the business to earn commitment from our clients. Studio pyrotechnics fit for a rave, a sound system that would shake the picture frames off your wall. Refuel after your workout, we can have a protein shake waiting for you at our cafĂ©. And if that is not enough Refresh in the luxurious comforting space in our changing rooms. We’ve left no stone un-turned and spared no expense to cause a rip tide across Texas.

At Vortex, we don’t judge our clients on performance or physical ability. The only thing we care that you bring to the table is EFFORT. We don’t care if you’re an animal in the RIP room or a machine in the RIDE room… By all means, you’re still welcome, but all we insist is that you give our Athletes 110% when it’s asked from you. Our team of rock stars are on board to motivate, inspire, and bring out the best in you.

Prepare to be pushed like never before.
Prepare to understand what it means to train your mind over your body.
Prepare to hate it and want to quit.
Prepare for the endorphin rush and to walk out feeling on top of the world.
Prepare to immerse yourself in the #VORTEXADDICTION

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